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February 11th, 2015 Clan War - Post Mortem

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Ohio Warriors Post Mortem 2-11-2015 Clan War

On February 12th, 2015 hostilities ceased between the Ohio Warriors and Who Dey, and we were victorious. Who Dey was another quality opponent, and with our discipline and execution we were able to seal a good, solid win. Who Dey consisted of 4 TH10’s, 6 TH9’s, 13 TH8’s, 6 TH7’s, and 1 TH6. Serveral of their bases were severely rushed, which I believe contributed our offensive success.

Participation: We used 53 out of 60 attacks. Obviously we would like to see better participation, and we do require 100% participation on our normal weekend war. However, sometimes it is difficult to get both attacks in on a work/school day. We have no plans to discipline those who missed an attack.

War Management: One of the major downfalls for Who Dey, I believe was that they had a very large number of players attack very far below their number, and below their townhall. This practice, is strictly forbidden in our clan. Toward the end of the war, Who Dey ran out of viable attacks while we still had about 8-10 productive attacks remaining. There can be no argument about the importance of attacking your level, and then also to have the top tier hold their attacks.

In essence, Who Dey jumped out to a huge lead, only to find themselves out of attacks while we slowly and methodically got our stars, one battle at a time. The score was tied up by a 3-star attack from LjPete, and then Pati’s 2-star on her opponent gave us the lead, which we never relinquished. The war was a good example of proper way of managing the war map. We want to try to save several high-level attacks for late in the war. This allows us a better opportunity to harvest stars from anywhere on the map when we need to.

Execution: I thought we had some very good execution, for the 2nd week in a row. We have introduced a new award called the “CLUTCH” award that we will award those players who produce stars when everything is on the line. This is in addition to our normal offensive and defensive MVP awards. The following people contributed to the late push that sealed the win and expanded the lead: foxy mama, Nathanael Green, dmsm, LjPete, Pati, JoeDBarr, Joroko, and Francis.
In addition to the late attacks that won the war, there were many players that showed some pretty amazing skill on offense. The following is a brief synopsis of our players who displayed their skill and offensive prowess:

LJPete:an awesome display of a classic GOWIPE against his equal for 2 stars, and then another GOWIPE for 3 stars against Waltz to tie up the score late in the war.

JoeDBarr: 3 star on a hog attack against his equal as well as a late 3-star using hogs on DRaglin.

ShuShu: 3-starred his equal using level 3 hogs. Great job!
Dad: Classic GOWIPE to 3-star KingNewkVIII. For someone who is relatively new to the GOWIPE, Dad has picked up very fast!

Dmsm:3-starred 2 spots above him using 11 dragons and 3 lightning.

Shaun1467: A total of 6 stars using dragons. Great job Shaun.

Our TH7's: Thank you to the Townhall 7's for continuing your success with the all-dragon attacks. I know they are expensive to run, and we appreciate your contributions to the clan!

Special offensive recognition goes out to: Josh, Pati, Jorko, and Archie. Although their attacks were below their number, they were successful, and accomplished what we needed them to do. There will be many times where we do not ask the top tier to attack their corresponding number, because often times such an attack would be futile. This was one of those instances. Rather, what we do is have the top tier hold their attacks until the end when we are managing the war map. They will then attack the highest possible target that can produce stars.

Special Event: Please join the leadership in welcoming our newest member, justinsara. Justin was the #1 player in Who Dey, and after the war, he decided to come and check out our clan. We are excited to add another member to our family and look forward to enjoying the game with Justin.

Overall, I was very impressed that after falling way behind early in the war, we were able to execute very well, and come from behind to win the war. It is because of your confidence and offensive skill that made this win possible. Although Who Dey had rushed many of their bases, they were very good attackers for the most part I believe. It shows resilience on our part, that whether we face an opponent with superior bases, or superior attack skills, we can pull together in most wars for a win. Great job!!
Feedback welcome. Keep it civil.
-Francis Marion

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