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January 3rd 2015 Clan War - Post Mortem

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On January 4th, 2015 hostilities ceased between the Ohio Warriors and the clan TheEpicPhoenix, and we were victorious. At first glance, it appeared we might be outmatched because they had 1 Th10, 6 Th9’s, 16 TH8’s, and 7 TH7’s. Again, there were no bases under a Th7. However, as it turned out, several of their bases were severely underdeveloped, underscoring the importance of not upgrading a Townhall beyond where your defenses are. This is a principle of the game that most of us have always adhered to. The result of our discipline was a very decisive victory. There were many noteworthy aspects of this war.

First, the stats: Our average destruction per attack was 88% compared to their 82.2%. We won 55 of our 60 attacks, and TheEpicPhoenix won 33 of their 44 attacks used. We 3-starred 17 of their bases, 2-starred 12 bases, and 1-starred only their top player, a TH10. Excellent work warriors. Take a look at the war map. This is exactly how it should look. The top TH8’s usually don’t get 3-starred, but getting at least 2 stars on all of the Th8’s is fantastic.

Participation: We had 100% participation this war. Excellent dedication and discipline. This is our standard at Ohio Warriors. It’s how we roll. Remember also, in order to get your war win bonus, you only have to get 1 star against the opponent. So it’s actually a smart move to use both attacks anyway, for the loot. And the higher the opponent, the more war loot you get for your success.

Forum: I believe we had another record number of players using the forum to call their opponent. Great job on that.

Donations: You need to look at your donations. Some of the donations numbers for TH8’s are unacceptable, and we will not have just a few players doing all of the heavy lifting. Perhaps we need to remind everyone to look at our clan description, where it says: 2. Donate. We will be watching this, so I suggest everyone get their donations where they need to be.

Timing: I still would like to see more TH7's get their attacks in earlier. We had too many stragglers coming in late, and they had very few choices by the time they arrived. Try your best to wrap your attacks up early please. Also we would like for the TH8's to get at least 1 attack done in the first half. (Saturday)

EXECUTION: We had some outstanding execution this week. I want to thank our townhall 7 players for continuing to do such a great job with their 11 dragon attacks with rage. One tip I would like to offer on the all dragon attacks, is to be careful splitting your dragon force. Sometimes you should, but other times you should not. As a general rule, I look at where the AD’s are. If they are far apart and toward the edges, then I may split my force in order to take them out first. However, if they are in the center I will usually keep the force together and rage them to the AD’s.

One other tip I learned watching one of our attacks, is using your barb king to help guide the direction of your dragons’ initial thrust. If you have a spot that you don’t want your dragon to go on the edge, you can drop your barb king to take out 1 or 2 structures near that spot. Then when you deploy your dragons, knowing that they will not fly to a place where there is no target, they will not go to the spot where the barb king has cleared, rather they will go to the next closest target. Dragons tend to be very unpredictable as we all know, so anything we can do, however small, to better understand their erratic behavior is a help.

After watching the majority of the replays, some analysis is warranted:

Heather’s attack on #15, CommanderScopio, a TH8. Heather has successfully converted to a ground attack. In this battle she used 15 level 4 giants (yes, level 4!), 26 wizards, 2 healing and 1 rage spell. She deployed the giants to the first wall with wallbreakers and then deployed a 2nd front of giants and wizards in the same fashion on an adjacent side. When the clan castle dragon came out to wipe the giants, she hit the giants and wizards with rage, and the 5 wizards eliminated the dragon in 1 or 2 blasts. Remember rage increases damage per second as well as movement speed. Once inside the middle sector, the giants and wizards positioned near the townhall, and the wizards concentrated firepower, firing over the wall, and destroyed the townhall. This ground attack was executed masterfully, and resulted in 83% destruction and 2 stars. Well done. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anyone get such great mileage out of level 4 giants against a TH8 before. It’s worth a view for sure.

Shushu’s attack on #14, Robe King. Shushu, thinking the name was a little gay, used 4 level 1 hogriders (by the way, war grade hogs are level 4) to lure out the clan castle troops. Once out, the standard archer-wizard combo was used to eliminate the clan castle dragon. Shu’s lineup was 2 Golems, 3 Pekka’s, 10 wizards, and 7 wallbreakers, 2 rages and 1 healing spell. Shushu sent in the golem with wallbreakers through the first layer. Once the golems were in there taking the fire, he sent in more wallbreakers to break the wall to the center core, and then deployed his Pekka’s. In this case, the base layout had this side completely enclosed in wall, which means the Pekka’s were not likely to act retarded and go the wrong way. They did in fact go into the interior. When the Pekka’s entered the base he dropped a healing spell on the golems and Pekka’s and then a rage. They quickly entered the inner core. At this point in any GOWIPE, when your Pekka(s) get to the center where the townhall is, you hit them with rage immediately. Shushu did exactly that, and in 2 hits the townhall was gone. Excellent execution yielding us 2 stars and 80% destruction. Well done.

Skayhawk’s attack on #6, Houndoom. Skyhawk ran a Golem-Wizard with 2 golems, 20 wizards, 20 archers, 18 barbs, 10 wallbreakers, 1 healing and 2 rage spells. Sky used his clan castle hogs to draw out the clan castle troops and eliminate them with the standard archer-wizard combo. He sent in the golem with wallbreakers and then deployed wizards, barbs and archers. After the extra structures were gone, the barbs and wizards followed the golems where Sky dropped a rage and healing spell on them. They quickly busted through to the next layer of wall, and the wizards (who carry their own wallbreakers) broke into the center. Once the wizards and golems got into the center Sky dropped another rage on them and the townhall was destroyed, dooming Mr. Houndoom. Excellent execution against maxed TH8 defenses and mostly level 8 walls. 62% and 2 stars. Well done.

Jared’s attack on #11, Pablo Escoder. Jared’s attack consisted of 14 giants, 20 wizards, 34 archers, 8 wallbreakers, and 3 healing spells. In this one, Jared lured out the cc troops with hogs, and eliminated them with archers. He sent in the giants with wallbreakers, and backed them up with the wizards and archers. The giants and wizards were healed, which gave them more mileage to get to the center where the wizards destroyed the townhall. Excellent old-school execution of giants, wizards and archers for 62% and 2 stars. If you're using giants, this one is worth a view. Well done.

BarrJosephson’s attack on #10, TheChosenOne. This guy was chosen by Joe to get his butt whooped. Joe’s GOWIPE consisted of 1 golem, 3 Pekka’s (one from cc), 19 wizards, 22 archers, 6 wallbreakers, and 3 rage spells. Joe used a single giant to draw out the cc troops where he used archers and wizards to eliminate them. This GOWIPE was tricky because of the extra structures outside of the walls. Extra structures present a challenge for GOWIPE’s because your goal is to get the Pekka’s to go into the interior of the base, and sometimes they like to dance around the edges to take out easy structures instead instead of following the golem. Joe deployed the golem and wallbreakers and then wizards and archers to work on the outside structures before sending in the Pekka’s. With extraneous structures gone, the 2 Pekka’s went into the base following the golem and wizards and when they got to the center Joe hit them with rage where they immediately destroyed the townhall. On the other side of the base the 3rd Pekka worked with wizards cleaning up. Excellent textbook GOWIPE resulting in 76% damage and 2 stars. Well done.

JoeDBarr’s attack on #9, coto, a TH9. With a name like coto, you have to get 3-starred. Joe used a single hog to draw out the cc troops and eliminate them. The main attack force was 22 level 4 hogs, 17 wizards, 6 barbs, and 15 archers along with 3 healing spells. (the barbs and archers were for the cc troops) Not all bases are ripe for a hog attack, but this one, if you look at it, is very tightly packed together, and you can tell that the traps are mostly outside of the base because there are no empty spaces inside the base. The trick with hogs is knowing when to heal them, and Joe did so to perfection. The hogs not only destroyed every defensive structure, but there were many left over to help the wizards finish off the base. I don’t believe a single wizard was lost in this attack because all of the defenses were gone or almost gone when the wizards were deployed. Beautiful execution, and this one is a “must see”, resulting in 100%, 3 stars. Ask Joe about his comment afterwards. Well done.

Josh’s attack on #5, krakken. Yeah, krakken, not so much. Josh used 20 level 5 hogs, 14 archers, 1 dragon, 3 Pekka’s, 6 wallbreakers, 2 witches, 4 healing spells, and 1 rage. After eliminating cc troops with archers and a dragon, Josh unleashed the hogs which destroyed 35% of the base on their own. Next he deployed the Pekka’s and wallbreakers, but the Pekka’s went off to the side. I don’t believe Josh intended for this to happen (although I would have to ask to be sure), because the wallbreakers were working on the walls toward the center. However the witches and archer queen found their way to the center and destroyed the townhall. Great job on this one for 79% destruction and 2 stars. Well done.

Problems on execution: I didn’t see a whole lot of flawed attack strategy. The failed attacks I saw were more of an issue with underpowered troops and not getting enough mileage out of troops. I will say that it’s important to eliminate cc troops. In this war they used dragons, which we don’t do anymore for the most part. However, when the enemy is using dragons in their cc and your main force is a troop that cannot engage air targets, you REALLY need to eliminate the dragon, or your ground troops will just get wiped. I encourage you to train some archers for cc troops, and you can use either a single hog or a single giant (sometimes with wallbreakers) to usually draw out the cc troops.

War Bases: We had 11 defends this war, which is pretty good. Also, the opponent did not 3-star all of our TH7’s, which is very odd. But when that happens, you have a good chance of winning. Also, we had the debut of witches in 2 of our clan castles on the war map. Unfortunately, one was attacked by a TH9, and 2-starred, and the other was attacked by all dragons and 2-starred. Witches are not highly effective against all-dragon attacks, so we really didn’t get a good gauge of how effective they are yet. When we get another clan that goes ground attack it will be interesting to see how they perform.

Overall I was very pleased with our performance. We seem to do be doing a very good job of breaking down an opponent and exploiting weaknesses. I encourage everyone to share knowledge on the Strategy page here on the forum. A special thanks goes to Bryce the Great for being our embassador to TheEpicPhoenix after the war. We are told they were good sports, and BtG gave them some advice.

Let’s keep up the good work. As always, feedback is welcome. Keep it civil.

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Good Post-mortem. Thanks for the props. My comment after wiping out #9 was "These rustic are so inept. Nearly takes the fun out of it. Nearly."

If you have ever seen the movie "The Patriot", this was what General Lord Cornwallis said after completely routing the American forces at Camden (S. Carolina). The movie does have a good ending though, and yes I'm on the side of the Americans 100%.

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