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October 31st Clan War: Call your opponent's number here if you want to

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Just click reply and call your number here if you want to. Example: "I'm calling my number which is #9"

If you don't need to call your number (like me, I don't ever care) no need to do anything.

You can also call it on the chat, but remember your chat messages always end up getting buried and lost. And we don't have anyone designated to keep track of who has called their number. ...again, this is optional.


My opponent's number is 5.


Cbeau is calling her number which is 23


For this week's war Nov 8-9 I am calling 25 for shaun1467 and 28 for shaunmchapman. will hold my 2nd attacks to see where needed. Thanks.


For the war on Nov 8, E Bauch is calling his number 31


Well sense no one has 3 or 4 yet I call those


I call my number 4

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