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Ground Attack strategies...

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1Ground Attack strategies... Empty Ground Attack strategies... on Tue Dec 16, 2014 7:17 pm


Whatcha got Pati??

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GOWIPE Attack Strategy

2 Golems, 3 PEKKA’s and the rest Wizards.
2 Rage Spells and 2 Jump Spells

Pick a place to enter that is the shortest, least defended path to get to TH and CC in center of enemy base.

Place Golems an equal distance apart on either side of your point of entry.  Place wizards in after Golems with purpose of destroying any outlying structures on each side of point of entry that may lure your PEKKA’s. Wait until most of those structures are gone.

Jump Spells last 30 – 40 seconds depending on the level of the spell.  Place one right above the outside perimeter and one more in front of it to cover distance from outside to inside the center.

Place all 3 PEKKA’s as close as possible to the Jump Spells. Once inside the center use Rage Spells as necessary to extend their power from center back out to finish destruction of the rest of the base.

This strategy will get at least 2 stars on most TH9’s or TH10’s.

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