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Blue Stacks Tip - Freeze a raid to study before attacking. This is great

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I use BlueStacks on my laptop for COC. I have a free download piece of software called "Jing" this is a screenshot software. What I found is that you can take a screenshot of the base you are looking to attack and it actually freezes the COC software. I'll give the steps:

Hit the attack button. Find a base you want to study more b4 attacking.

Click the Jing "sun" that is at the top center of your monitor. It freezes the base so you can look at it as long as you like.

When finished studying the timer will start at the beginning of battle - the 2 1/2 minutes.

If you decide you don't want to attack you simply hit end battle AND THERE IS NO PENALTY. No trophies/troops lost it just takes you back home. Let's hope the developers don't find this awesome glitch. I love it!!

Go Warriors!!



That's freaking awesome. Very odd that it can trick the coc we get 30 seconds to decide whether to attack or pass. How long can u take with this Jing screenshot?

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