Forum that lists the rules and standards of the Ohio Warriors Clan. The Ohio Warriors clan is a clan in the popular iOS and Android app Clash of Clans.

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General Rules

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1General Rules Empty General Rules on Sun Jun 08, 2014 5:21 pm


Due to the younger age of some of the players and in order to be respectful and polite to all players we would like members to follow these rules:

1. No cussing or swearing in chat.
2. Do not degrade others. If they did their best or they made a mistake don't shove it back in their face. Make suggestions and use light constructive criticism. Everybody makes mistakes.
3. Be polite. Say nice things like please, thanks, and your welcome. If you like something someone did or how they did it, tell them.
4. Don't spam the chat unless trying to cover up an unnecessary, harmful, or rude comment.
5. Have FUN!

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