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Tips I've Picked up along the way for lower townhalls

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Since I've started playing, I've been intrigued by Clas of Clans. It's a very complex game, and most of us finally start to figure things out long after we start.

So I decided to put together some really simple tips for the newer player...basically Townhall 6 and below. THese are things I wish I would have known from the beginning.

1) Be patient on your raids. Whether you are after loot (gold and elixer) or trophies, don't be afraid to hit the "next" button. It may take a while to find your perfect target, but it's worth it. Don't bite off more than you can chew. It is perfectly ok to attack an opponent weaker than you.

2) Wallbreakers are critical. But they can't take a hit. Send them in AFTER your giants or barbarians. Never send them in unprotected (alone)

3) Eliminate clan castle troops in war. There is a technique for this, and it should be followed. You use a single barbarian as bait to lure enemy clan troops out of their castle, out of range of the enemy defenses. (It may take several barbarians one at a time) and then surround all of the clan clan troops with your archers in a circle. This is the text book method of dealing with clan troops. If you don't eliminate clan troops before your launch your major attack, it can and often does, cost you the battle.

4) Upgrade your gold mines and elixer extractors. As much as you can, stay on top of your resource upgrades. When you get to the higher levels, you will be happy to not have to play catch up.

5) Never send in wizards first. Wizards are great troops that pack a punch. But they are not shock troops. Send in the wizards after your giants and other troops have made their initial surge. You don't want your wizards taking a lot of direct fire.

6) In a raid, destroying 50% of the enemy's base gets you a star, and thus "wins" the battle for you. And you will get trophies. Destroying the enemy's townhall gets you a star regardless of the percentage...and wins the battle.

7) Farming is where the townhall is placed outside of the walls, and the gold and elixer storages are placed in the center for maximum protection. If you are seeking trophies, opponents that are farming are good targets for you.

Cool In war, destroying the enemy's townhall automatically gets you 2 stars.

9) Preparation Day is the 24 hours preceding battle day when the fighting begins in a clan war. It is the only time that your war base can be modified. Your war base is separate from your regular base. One does not affect the other, but you can copy the design of your regular base to your war base. NEVER EVER farm on your war base. (Meaning never have your townhall outside your walls)

10) Plan for your wars. Make sure you have enough elixer to train your war armies.

11) Army Camps determine nothing other than the total troop capacity of your army. Upgrade your camps, hold more troops.

12) Barracks determine how many troops can be trained at once, aND which troops you have access to. Upgrade your batracks, get a new troop.

13) Laboratory. This is where your troops are upgraded. You upgrade your laboratory so you can upgrade your troops to a higher level.

14) Max out your current townhall's base before upgrading your townhall. Or get as close as possible. You don't want to upgrade your townhall too early because it takes a long long time to cathink up. During that time your opponents will exploit your weaknesses.

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