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CLAN WAR Policy and Procedure - Updated

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1CLAN WAR Policy and Procedure - Updated Empty Re: CLAN WAR Policy and Procedure - Updated on Thu Nov 13, 2014 4:55 pm


New Rule
Just so we have it in black and white, Farming on your war base is strictly forbidden, and is a kickable offense. This has always been an unwritten rule, but now it's officially a written rule.

-Francis Marion

2CLAN WAR Policy and Procedure - Updated Empty Re: CLAN WAR Policy and Procedure - Updated on Mon Apr 13, 2015 11:50 pm


In addition to the above rules, we have added the rule that the lower players on the war map need to start their attacks early, and also wrap up their attacks as early as possible. This would be mid-level TH8's and below.
The reason for this is that the war map must be managed in order to harvest stars in the second half of the war. During this time it becomes critical to match the available targets with the players who can 3-star them. The lower players must expend all attacks so the higher players can begin 3-starring from the bottom up.

3CLAN WAR Policy and Procedure - Updated Empty Re: CLAN WAR Policy and Procedure - Updated on Fri May 15, 2015 11:10 am


We are currently trying out a new strategy in war.

Now that our clan has evolved into a higher level clan with mostly TH8's and more TH9's, we have noticed a large portion of our opponents using this method. A few months ago, Shaun1467 had mentioned us trying this, and we considered it but did not implement it, partly because I believe we did not have a firm grasp of the theory behind it.

The theory on this method is that at our level it becomes necessary to harvest stars from the TH9 opponents on the war map. This is very difficult to accomplish by attacking your equal. So here is the theory:
We use our top players to 3-star the opponents' TH9 bases. Then each player's target in essecnce drops by that number of spots. ie, however many TH10's we have, will be the number of spots we drop down to attack.
Lately, it has been 3. So we have 3 TH10's: Kimber, Crom, and Josh. Kimber would take the highest TH9, Crom the 2nd highest, and Josh the 3rd.
After that, our TH9's would go in succession, taking the opponents 3 spots below their's. This will also allow (usually) for a Th9 to 3-star the opponent's highest TH8's, which is normally a very difficult task for a TH8. We have had much success recently with getting 3 stars on MOST TH8 bases, but the maxed TH8's continue to be tougher for a Th8 to 3-star.

Under our previous war map management with attacking our equal, we would usually have several TH8 bases with 2 stars, and several TH9 bases with 1 star. Toward the end of the war, we would have the TH9's left to clean up the TH8's and the TH10's trying to clean up the Th9's. This theory reduces the number of cleanup attacks. And as noted, we have seen more and more opponents using this strategy effectively.

So let's give it a try and see how it works. We are open for feedback on this if anyone has any ideas.

4CLAN WAR Policy and Procedure - Updated Empty Re: CLAN WAR Policy and Procedure - Updated on Sat Sep 19, 2015 10:13 pm


Our War Strategy as of 9-19-2015

Much has changed since our last war procedure was posted. I have deleted our previous procedure because it is now obsolete. Now that we have evolved into a clan heavy in TH9's and max TH8's, we must adapt.
Adaptation is nothing  new for our clan. From our early days when dragons were king,  to when Joe dragged us all kicking and screaming to GOWIPE's,  to hogs and other methods, we have ALWAYS adapted.
Now we must adapt again as we break into a higher tier of opponents. Our current goal is to 3 star EVERY townhall 8, and then work our way up the map from the lowest available target. What that means is that the TH8's need to wrap up their attacks as soon as possible so the lower TH9's can finish off the TH8's. Once the enemy TH8's are ALL destroyed,  and ONLY then can our remaining TH9 and TH10 attacks be done to harvest stars in the most efficient way.
Generally speaking, a TH9 is not going to be using their 2nd attack on another TH9 unless the 8's are done.  Also most of the time the TH9's will be attacking a number lower than their own for the 2nd attack.

This is the discipline we expect, and it is the selfless service to THE CLAN that wins wars. The mindset of going for loot, or for the benefit of yourself over THE CLAN must be abandoned if you want to stay in Ohio Warriors. Our clan is not for everyone. We serve for the benefit of The Clan and not ourselves. There is no member more important than The Clan. There is no member above The Clan. We fight as a single unit, we communicate, and we discuss strategy with each other.
Stay tuned, there will be more on this topic shortly from our founder and former leader, Joe.
-Francis Marion

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