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CLAN WAR Policy and Procedure - Updated

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1CLAN WAR Policy and Procedure - Updated Empty CLAN WAR Policy and Procedure - Updated on Mon Oct 27, 2014 3:33 pm


Greetings Warriors.

We have seen a bit of success as well as growth in our clan over the last several months. This has not come without some growing pains. However, the Leadership Council has convened to discuss the methods in which we conduct WAR. An explanation is warranted to justify our decision.

One needs only to look at HISTORY and reality to see that unorganized groups of fighters have always succumbed to the more organized, well tuned, superior fighting force. Some examples: the Roman Legion, or the Macedonian Phalanx, or the Spartan Hoplite. Moving along, the 18th century British Division, or the 20th and 21st century American Battalion/Company/Platoon/Squad.

All have these things in common: Structure, Organization, and individual roles of each fighting unit. You would NEVER send in cavalry by itself to engage an enemy's entire infantry. Similarly, you would never send in Artillery alone to engage an enemy's cavalry.

What am I getting at? Each player in our clan has his or her role to play. And each is extremely important to the success of our clan. We cannot achieve individual success without the success of our clan as a whole. The war bonuses we all seek are ONLY available if we WIN the war. therefore it is important that we execute each war with a certain degree of precision and organization. The rules that we have decided to place are simple, and I PROMISE you, it will not take the fun out of the game:

The problems we are facing are who gets to attack who, and when. Therefore, we have determined the following:

Each player has the right to take the first shot at their corresponding number. But you are not required to. Let me repeat: YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO.

1) We need to spend our first attack for the good of the clan by 3-starring our opponent. Not going 10 spaces above your number and getting your clock cleaned. YOU CAN SAVE THAT FOR YOUR 2ND ATTACK. Or going 10 spaces below and removing a lower player from the war. Attack within 3 or 4 spaces of your corresponding number.

*If you 3 star your opponent, then you will have latitude on your 2nd attack.

2) IF you want to take your corresponding number, you have that right. HOWEVER, YOU NEED TO CALL IT ON PREPARATION DAY. If you don't call it on Preparation Day, all bets are off. Additionally, this will be the ONLY opponent you can call.

I urge everyone to be a team player, and not a cowboy. The loot you get is a great thing. But let me remind you that if everyone were to adopt the self-serving agenda of going for loot, we would get NO loot because we would lose wars. At the end of the day, we need stars to win. So when we ask you to attack an opponent, it's so we can achieve victory.

Please note that we do not ask for much. But in a close war when we're down just a few stars, and everything is on the line, we may ask you to do something. To be the hero. I assure you, that you will feel much better about securing a victory for the whole clan, than going after loot and costing us a war...and getting no loot.

Here is a quick breakdown of how the Leadership views the Execution of WAR:

TH6 and Below: War is very challenging at this level. Enemy clan troops make your attacks very tough to win. We want to preserve that bottom portion of the enemy for you.

TH7: This is the most enjoyable Townhall in the game. It is completely stress free because you can 3-star any TH7 and below with your dragons. This changes drastically when you get to 8. We view the TH7 player as the middle tier workhorse of the war. You should all 3 star your opponents as long as you're attacking TH7 and below. However, do not overestimate your abilities. Things change at Th8, and your cute little dragons don't amount to much against level 6 AD, and level 2 seeking air mines, and level 3 air bombs. Go too high on the map, and you'll get embarrassed.

Our TH7's do a lot of heavy lifting. But we sometimes need you at the end to gobble up stars at the bottom. My hope is that you will do this for the good of the clan.

TH8: Towhall 8 is the first step toward the TOP TIER. But, it is an enormous level, with several defenses having multiple upgrades available. A new TH8 is VERY different than a TH8 at the top of his level. Our TH8's generally have a lot of contemplation for attacks depending on their opponent. They also spend an enormous amount of elixir to execute their attacks. They are the backbone of the high end of the war map. Often times a TH8 contributes to the war defensively.

Townhall 8 is also the first time you can donate WAR TROOPS.

Level 5 and above regular troops.
Level 3 and above dragons.
Level 3 and above dark troops. (unless otherwise asked for)

Always: adjust your donation request on your war map clan castle to reflect what you want.
Never: place non-war level troops in a war map clan castle.

TH9 and above: Our TOP TIER. Our top tier players have a special role. They will fill in the gaps left behind by all others. Most often, holding one or both attacks until Sunday, to see where they are needed. You will generally see them attack close to their number, except for instances where we are behind on stars. In those cases they may have to come behind others and clean up failed attacks.

The rules we have placed are here  for a reason. We are NOT asking too much of you, and we are NOT taking the fun out. We have these in place so that we can continue to WIN WARS. From time to time, leadership and elders will allow some latitude. Just ask. It is mostly your FIRST attack that we are concerned with. If everyone 3 stars their first attack then we win. So please follow the rules, and we'll all have a great time.

2CLAN WAR Policy and Procedure - Updated Empty Re: CLAN WAR Policy and Procedure - Updated on Tue Nov 11, 2014 11:40 am


Farming on your war base is strictly prohibited, and grounds for getting kicked. This has always been an "unwritten" rule, and just understood that we don't give away 2 free stars to our opponent. Now it's in black & white. has been quite some time since we've had a problem with this. But in response to Fluffy's comment, I thought it best to get it down in writing so there are no misunderstandings.

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