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Modified Dragon attack for TH7'S and lower TH8'S

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One of the methods used against us in a previous war has proven to be quite effective against TH8'S. For those who are newer TH8'S without golems, you can still use dragons to get a 3-star against TH8 opponents.
You carry 3 lightning spells, all dragons, and level 6 balloons in your cc.
They key is checking out the base and deciding which AD you are going to destroy with the lightning. If there is one level 6 AD you take out that one. If they're all the same level, you take out the one farthest from the other 2 usually.
With the addition of the air sweeper, you now MUST take note of which direction the air sweeper is facing. Never deploy into the air sweepers path.
Then you lay down your dragons where they bull rush the other 2 AD'S. Take them head on. As soon as the dragons start taking fire from the AD, drop your cc balloons closest to the AD that is your biggest threat. The balloons should sneak in to get that AD, leaving you with only 1 AD to contend with.
some things to keep in mind on this method: you won't have any heals or rages available, so getting to the AD'S is critical. Be mindful of where the storages are. Also be mindful of the path your balloons will take since they will stop at each defense on their way to the AD.
I will usually send the balloons to take out the AD with the most storages protecting it.
if the AD'S don't have much storage protection it's a prime candidate for this method . Once you perfect it, you should be able to 3-star most TH8'S.

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